One of a Kind Jewelry 🌟

Welcome to Wings of Saturn, a small business based in Ludington, MI offering handcrafted jewelry and art. Enjoy our one of a kind pieces infused with crystals and made with love!

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Commissions 🎁

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We absolutely love to do commissioned pieces for you! With the Holidays coming up, we’ve started a list with limited spots to get everything ready by Christmas. Email or DM us on any social platform if you have specific ideas and we’ll create something special for you or a loved one. Names, initials, colors; you name it, we’ll make it. 🌟

Jewelry Infused with Healing Crystals✨

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Unique Styles 💫

We design every creation with our individual techniques and finesse. Made entirely by hand and with love, each Wings of Saturn piece is one of a kind.

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Different style bracelets and some anklets we’ve created!

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Phone Kandi 🌼

Shop from a collection of colorful beaded phone kandi here! Accessorize your phone case, purse, wallet, car mirror, etc.

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If wearing jewelry isn’t your thing, accessorize your keys, car, purse, etc.!

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The Artists 👯‍♀️

A warm hello from Kiara and Alyssa! We wanted to introduce ourselves as the creators behind Wings of Saturn.

The two of us are Michigan natives in our early twenties with a passion for creating all forms of art, specializing in jewelry and accessories. Crystals have a significant role in our lives and we’ve interlaced our love for them into our designs. Our dream is to create unique and meaningful pieces for all walks of life and expand our shop into a full time career with more than just jewelry! For now, Wings of Saturn is a creative outlet for us on the side as we work full time jobs and build our business. Wings of Saturn accepts any and everyone, our main goal is to spread love to our community and beyond. 🦋🌞💫
Thank you for all the support, it means the world! Doing what we love is becoming a reality thanks to you!

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